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Fiber Fun in the Fall

One of my weaknesses is scheduling things in advance, I'm typically a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal. Today with the help of Bloggers Collective at the Mix, I am scheduling fun classes, workshops, pop of maker events AND posting on THIS blog for the first time in over 2 years! Stay tuned fiber fanatics we are gonna have some Fun this Fall!

Written by Ronda Van Dyk — August 12, 2016

A little knittin' is always politically correct

The Knit Whits from Lakewood Library joined us in the park today, and what a beautiful fall Dallas day it was. Our new friend Ms R came to learn, and in no time she was on her way to a life of knitted bliss! It's a kick to watch promenade strollers approaching the Reading Room where they discover the grove of trees decked out in their finest yarny costumes. Sally brought her famous bike which continues to be a magnet for photo shoots. 

I don't think I will ever tire of this new gem in the city. Well, maybe when the weather chills and I need to bundle everything up and haul it there, but for now I am lovin' it.  Come join us on Tuesdays from 1:00-3:00 at the Reading and Games Courtyard of Klyde Warren Park. Park on the North side of the park on the Woodall Rogers service road (2 hour) or if you are a member of one of the museums, park and walk on over.  

Ms R perfects her new skill

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013

New Post

Red White & Vintage

Crochet Pot holders recently spotted at a local vintage shop inspired me to pull out my great grandmother's red & white pinwheel quilt. After tidying up the shop for a few hours Sunday I came home, leashed Abby, grabbed the old quilt and a little handspun project purchased at Loop & Leaf in Santa Barbara and headed a few blocks to the neighborhood park. 

While watching a father and son baiting, casting and ultimately reeling in what I assume from the squeals to be his first big catch, I spread out on the old quilt soaking in the warmth of a beautiful fall afternoon. Abby wasn't quite sure what to make of my lack of activity, but she eventually followed my lead and found a spot to settle in and enjoy the sun. 

It was only 90 minutes without a phone, computer or any of the usual daily distractions but the most relaxing hour and a half while the time seemed to slow to a pace more familiar to that old quilt than this girl and her dog.

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013

A Dream Chevy

New inspiration with a smooth ride
Sylvia just finished this dreamy blanket with Missoni inspired chevrons. This one sat in a bucket on the table for a couple of months, getting attention when customers didn't need ours. Susan and I would sneak in a row or two, but Sylvia was in the driver's seat nearly the entire trip. I love projects like this, you keep them out to work on nearly unconsciously as time allows while you are chatting or listening and before your know it, you are casting off.   Definitely a "smooth ride" with Cascade's Pima Silk which invites you to slide your hands across as if it were a shiny new paint job, slick and soft. The color combination is exciting with the black and white sections stealing you eye away from the brights. 

The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry from 
Australian designer Kelly Kingston
 Shabby Sheep has a ton of colors to chose from in Pima Silk. 
Come in and we will help you pick your perfect combo and drive away with a new Chevy, 
or give us a call and we can ship a kit out for you today!

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013

Plant Pockets

               Knit up a cute little plant pocket and make your garden smile!

I came across this great summer project it's so easy to make and fun to plant & hang. I placed mine outside the shop door on the iron fence and keep peeking out to check on it, makes me smile.  I've condensed the instructions for knitters with just a bit of experience. We have a half dozen kits knit up (we've done all the work!) and available at the shop if you'd like a grab and go gift or want to combo some yarn bombing and gorilla gardening (we won't tell) they are $15 including the plant, all you have to do is pop the plant into the pocket


1. Knit up a 4-1/2" x 9" rectangle
                   2. Fold in half and mattress stitch sides closed
                            3. Fold top edge to inside and sew a hem (optional) 
             4. Make two 30" cords (i-cord or braided)
         5. Thread one cord through bottom fold
                6. Thread the other cord through upper back
                                               7. Place a small plant into a 4" length of pantyhose or knee high
      8. Put the plant into your Plant Pocket
                      9. Tie plant pocket onto fence, post or anywhere 
else that makes you smile!
10. Make more for all your friends

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013

A Productive Morning - Vintage Hanger Cozy

This is what I made this morning! I came across a rectangle of seed stitch I knit up a LONG time ago.
Measuring approx. 4-1/4 x 13-1/2 inches I think I had planned on covering a hanger with it but never found the old vintagey hanger I wanted to use. So, I went on a scavenger hunt around the shop and came up with the supplies to finish up what I had started months (o.k. years) ago, the hard part had already been done!
 I found a padded muslin hanger from container store in the closet, it's the kind I use for our handmade shop samples to prevent those little shoulder bumps. I found one ball of Rowan denim in a cubby, but any cotton, linen, or blend would work just a well. My gauge was around 5 stitches to the inch so needle size maybe a 5 or 6. I grabbed some Hug Snug rayon seam binding, one of my all time favorite haberdashery items. You will also need a darning needle and a pair of scissors.
 Sorry to say I didn't take photos as I was assembling my pretty hanger but I simply folded the rectangle in half along the 13-1/2" side cast on and bound off edges running along the length of the hanger at the top, and threaded the darning needle with about 24 inches of seam binding. Beginning at the outside edge I pinched the ends together and using a whip stitch along the outside edge sewed the two halves together skipping a stitch each whip until I came to the metal hanger. I left about a 12" tail of binding. Next I re-thread my darning needle with another length of binding and duplicated my whip stitching on the other side. All that was left was to twist the binding around the metal portion a time or two and make a bow. I did make a knot in the bow by taking the two bow loops and doing a single knot just to keep it from sliding out. I didn't go crazy over making sure the stitches were evenly spaced nor did I try to control the binding and keep it straight, it's just the way I roll.
 Come into the shop if you want and I'll show you my pretty vintagey hanger, find the right yarn for your decor and maybe I'll make another one along with you! ~ Ronda

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013

Inspiring Window NOLA

During a recent trip to New Orleans, while strolling along Magazine Street I encountered this very inspiring window. Creative and clever The Bead Shop almost lured me in it's doors to start beading again.  Luckily for me (though not the shop keeper) they were closed. I'm going to miss my NOLA trips now that my daughter has moved back to Texas. Prior to Katrina, I had never been to New Orleans, and selfishly was bummed thinking it wouldn't be the same city post Katrina and feared I'd missed out experiencing the "real" New Orleans. I'm sure it has sustained many changes but it has remained the unique city I'd hoped for. Fare well for now New Orleans, it's been so great getting to know you, your people, culture, shopping and of course your FOOD!

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013

A Pig with Wigs

When I was a girl (late 50's early 60's thank you very much), my first and only Barbie came with molded plastic hair covered with a gold lame and white striped turban head wrap. Barbie also wore the same lame bathing suit. Atop a stand were 3 wigs, blonde, brunette and of course red. Fashion Queen Barbie, no doubt was designed by some middle aged, bald guy at Mattel that liked the idea of a different gal every day (or night) and thought Ken would appreciate the same!

Fast forward 50 years...
One of our PJ's & Purls Knitters made this adorable Pig, and Susan at the Sheep had to make one for the birthday of a pig loving friend of hers. This pattern comes from Knitting Mochimochi 20 Super-Cute Strange Designs for Knitted Amigurumi by Anna Hrachovec. Susan used Spud & Chole "Sweater" for the body and Berroco "Ultra Alpaca" for the gorgeous purple, beehive wig. Now, if the beehive isn't cute (or scary) enough, you can make a magnificent mohawk, or awesome afro wig for your piggy.

I can't help thinking this pig is the 21st century's version of Fashion Queen Barbie. I haven't decided if the Pig with Wigs is more or less PC than Fashion Queen Barbie, you decide.

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013

Beehive or Bouncy Hat?

This is the first in a series of new hats that we are knitting up and displaying in the shop this month. I made this "Noro Hat" from a free pattern on Ravelry, in one weekend (two 2 hour flights plus another 2 hour session). Looks a bit like a beehive and is VERY comfortable, I don't like my hats too snug. It is a simple pattern to work, switching from stockinette to reverse stockinette every four rows. You will need 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon (about 200 meters) or any other similar yarn and you don't even have to have two of the same color! This hat could also be very cute in school colors, alternating colors as you move up the hat. You will need US#7 circs, 16" and a set of double points and one stitch marker. A whimsical, quick knit for those who don't want to take life too seriously!

Stay tuned for the next hat I'm casting on today, I promise it will be quite different from it's friend the beehive!

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013

A Quick & Cozy Knit for Baby, Knit One Crochet Too & A Daylily Deal


Woo Hoo, things are actually making it off my needles rather than on. Wow, this is a fun, quick and cozy knit. We've had plenty of knitters coming into the shop the last two months looking to make a baby blanket, and this has been our Go To pattern. I don't know what is going on here in Texas, but procreation seems to be at an all time high! Whitney at The Purl Bee Blog has generously offered this pattern free to her readers and we are big, big fans of her designs. This simple blanket takes 4 skeins of Spud & Chloe Outer and 2 skeins of Spud & Chloe Sweater, a 40 inch US#13 needle and a 24 or 32 inch US# 15. Did I mention quick and cozy? I think this will be YOUR Go To blanket each time you hear that yet another friend or relative is Preggos.

Some new arrivals at The Sheep
Knit one Crochet too!

The Shabby Sheep has carried a bit of Knit One Crochet Too's offerings over the years, but three of their yarns really impressed me this season. I picked up Ty-Dy, a colorful, machine washable in fingering as well as the worsted weight version. The patterns they offered for these yarns were equally impressive. Last year Leahe knit up a pair of gloves in the fingering weight and taught a class using one of their patterns, there has been some interest in another class for this glove since the new yarn arrived, so I think we'll offer an encore of it soon, give us a call if you'd like to try your hand (haha) at glove knitting. I immediately thought of an adult version of the Zig Zag baby pram blanket when I saw the Ty Dy worsted, so keep tuned in for more info on that once I get some of the other gazillion projects off my needles, which has been happening at an alarming and unusual rate!

Crock-o-Dye is the other yarn that has arrived from K1CTand it is gorgeous! This is also a fingering weight wool but has the added luxury of silk, making it so soft and billowy with a subtle silky sheen. The colors are monotoned, rich and clear. We have three great patterns, Texas Hold 'Em socks, Fern Scarf, and Diagonal
Lace Scarf.
We just can't decide which one to knit up first !

Keep checking here for updates on what we find in all those big boxes Jeff, our UPS man carries into the shop each day. This time of year is always exciting at the Sheep and we love sharing that excitement with y'all!!

Porch Sale Additions

Just a little update on another yarn that made it to the porch sale today, Nashua Daylily. This is an interesting, transitional yarn, which would be great for a sleeveless shell, scarf or wrap with some added subtle texture. Daylily is a cotton blend that knits up at 4-1/4 stitches/inch, so it will move quickly on your needles, and with this heat, you might want to make a sleeveless shell this week that you can wear next weekend! At 25% off and 30% if you buy 5 or more it's a bargain to boot!

Well, stay cool, outta trouble, and keep knitting!

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013