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Red White & Vintage

Crochet Pot holders recently spotted at a local vintage shop inspired me to pull out my great grandmother's red & white pinwheel quilt. After tidying up the shop for a few hours Sunday I came home, leashed Abby, grabbed the old quilt and a little handspun project purchased at Loop & Leaf in Santa Barbara and headed a few blocks to the neighborhood park. 

While watching a father and son baiting, casting and ultimately reeling in what I assume from the squeals to be his first big catch, I spread out on the old quilt soaking in the warmth of a beautiful fall afternoon. Abby wasn't quite sure what to make of my lack of activity, but she eventually followed my lead and found a spot to settle in and enjoy the sun. 

It was only 90 minutes without a phone, computer or any of the usual daily distractions but the most relaxing hour and a half while the time seemed to slow to a pace more familiar to that old quilt than this girl and her dog.

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013