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New inspiration with a smooth ride
Sylvia just finished this dreamy blanket with Missoni inspired chevrons. This one sat in a bucket on the table for a couple of months, getting attention when customers didn't need ours. Susan and I would sneak in a row or two, but Sylvia was in the driver's seat nearly the entire trip. I love projects like this, you keep them out to work on nearly unconsciously as time allows while you are chatting or listening and before your know it, you are casting off.   Definitely a "smooth ride" with Cascade's Pima Silk which invites you to slide your hands across as if it were a shiny new paint job, slick and soft. The color combination is exciting with the black and white sections stealing you eye away from the brights. 

The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry from 
Australian designer Kelly Kingston
 Shabby Sheep has a ton of colors to chose from in Pima Silk. 
Come in and we will help you pick your perfect combo and drive away with a new Chevy, 
or give us a call and we can ship a kit out for you today!

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013