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               Knit up a cute little plant pocket and make your garden smile!

I came across this great summer project it's so easy to make and fun to plant & hang. I placed mine outside the shop door on the iron fence and keep peeking out to check on it, makes me smile.  I've condensed the instructions for knitters with just a bit of experience. We have a half dozen kits knit up (we've done all the work!) and available at the shop if you'd like a grab and go gift or want to combo some yarn bombing and gorilla gardening (we won't tell) they are $15 including the plant, all you have to do is pop the plant into the pocket


1. Knit up a 4-1/2" x 9" rectangle
                   2. Fold in half and mattress stitch sides closed
                            3. Fold top edge to inside and sew a hem (optional) 
             4. Make two 30" cords (i-cord or braided)
         5. Thread one cord through bottom fold
                6. Thread the other cord through upper back
                                               7. Place a small plant into a 4" length of pantyhose or knee high
      8. Put the plant into your Plant Pocket
                      9. Tie plant pocket onto fence, post or anywhere 
else that makes you smile!
10. Make more for all your friends

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013