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This is what I made this morning! I came across a rectangle of seed stitch I knit up a LONG time ago.
Measuring approx. 4-1/4 x 13-1/2 inches I think I had planned on covering a hanger with it but never found the old vintagey hanger I wanted to use. So, I went on a scavenger hunt around the shop and came up with the supplies to finish up what I had started months (o.k. years) ago, the hard part had already been done!
 I found a padded muslin hanger from container store in the closet, it's the kind I use for our handmade shop samples to prevent those little shoulder bumps. I found one ball of Rowan denim in a cubby, but any cotton, linen, or blend would work just a well. My gauge was around 5 stitches to the inch so needle size maybe a 5 or 6. I grabbed some Hug Snug rayon seam binding, one of my all time favorite haberdashery items. You will also need a darning needle and a pair of scissors.
 Sorry to say I didn't take photos as I was assembling my pretty hanger but I simply folded the rectangle in half along the 13-1/2" side cast on and bound off edges running along the length of the hanger at the top, and threaded the darning needle with about 24 inches of seam binding. Beginning at the outside edge I pinched the ends together and using a whip stitch along the outside edge sewed the two halves together skipping a stitch each whip until I came to the metal hanger. I left about a 12" tail of binding. Next I re-thread my darning needle with another length of binding and duplicated my whip stitching on the other side. All that was left was to twist the binding around the metal portion a time or two and make a bow. I did make a knot in the bow by taking the two bow loops and doing a single knot just to keep it from sliding out. I didn't go crazy over making sure the stitches were evenly spaced nor did I try to control the binding and keep it straight, it's just the way I roll.
 Come into the shop if you want and I'll show you my pretty vintagey hanger, find the right yarn for your decor and maybe I'll make another one along with you! ~ Ronda

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013