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When I was a girl (late 50's early 60's thank you very much), my first and only Barbie came with molded plastic hair covered with a gold lame and white striped turban head wrap. Barbie also wore the same lame bathing suit. Atop a stand were 3 wigs, blonde, brunette and of course red. Fashion Queen Barbie, no doubt was designed by some middle aged, bald guy at Mattel that liked the idea of a different gal every day (or night) and thought Ken would appreciate the same!

Fast forward 50 years...
One of our PJ's & Purls Knitters made this adorable Pig, and Susan at the Sheep had to make one for the birthday of a pig loving friend of hers. This pattern comes from Knitting Mochimochi 20 Super-Cute Strange Designs for Knitted Amigurumi by Anna Hrachovec. Susan used Spud & Chole "Sweater" for the body and Berroco "Ultra Alpaca" for the gorgeous purple, beehive wig. Now, if the beehive isn't cute (or scary) enough, you can make a magnificent mohawk, or awesome afro wig for your piggy.

I can't help thinking this pig is the 21st century's version of Fashion Queen Barbie. I haven't decided if the Pig with Wigs is more or less PC than Fashion Queen Barbie, you decide.

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013