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It's been well over a year since I posted my last (and first) post. And no, I have not finished, or even touched the beautiful green cashmere sweater. I think the best thing now is to just frog it until I am really committed to it, nah, that'll never happen. Now that the green sweater is out of the way, lets begin fresh.

I've had some time away from the shop the last two weeks, and without the usual distractions, I've been able to give some thought to the kind of knitter I am. It is said that knitters fall into one of two categories, you are either a "project" knitter or a "process" knitter.
At first impulse, I put myself in the later category. I love the idea of sitting with friends or customers clicking away with my needles, and whatever happens to be on them, not really caring what the project is, how far I've progressed or whether I finish it or not, it's the joy I receive from the "process" of knitting, and being with others who share that joy, right? Maybe. But what is it that urges me to put a particular yarn on a set of needles? Could it be the project? I mean, I don't feel the same joy knitting a wash cloth with kitchen cotton over a soft luxurious alpaca and silk blend scarf or wrap, never did, never will. So, project or process, I guess I have one foot in each category, no problem, it fits my personality!

The disturbing reality is that I have multitudes ( no, I refuse to count) of just started, in the process and nearly finished projects. The time I've spent organizing them into just the right bags, containers, and totes and then doing it again, can be attributed to my lack of organizational skills that I've struggled with my whole life. Now, if that pseudo organization time could have been directed to my knitting of these projects, we would see many of them finished as samples on the walls of the shop, on the necks, heads and backs of friends, and loved ones. That leads me to a recent discovery.

A while back I was playing around with all the acronyms, abbreviations and nick names for knitting terms, PSSO, Frog, K2TOG, etc. I came up with my own acronym to describe my abundance of unfinished projects. I believe if we embrace this discovery, hundreds of knitters, maybe thousands, will not feel the shame and embarrassment when contemplating or being confronted with their projects. There is nothing worse for a monstrous project accumulator than to quietly and politely listen to fellow knitters speak in frustration about how they "can't believe I have 4 projects on the needles right now, I really need to get them finished!". Well, ladies and gents you no longer have to hide your head in shame, you are just a victim of knitting POCS. Thousands of knitters across the globe have knitting POCS they just don't know it. What is knitting POCS? I know it sounds like an atrocious disease that will leave you with lifelong physical scars, but no, this will avoid lifelong emotional scars. Knitting POCS my friends is PROJECT OVER COMMITMENT SYNDROME .

Like many high achievers, you just commit to more projects than you can mortally knit. And yes, though you are a fast knitter, a skilled knitter and an accomplished knitter, you can only knit so many hours in a day. There are so many wonderful yarns, needles and patterns to knit in that time, believe me, I live it. Its not your fault, you have the best of intentions, your enthusiasm is to be commended, your taste in fabulous yarns is exquisite. Though you many never complete all those projects cleverly hidden in your closets, under your beds, in your attic, in your basement, in the trunk of your car, under the kitchen sink and yes, maybe even in the big stew pot you only bring out once a year for black eyed peas ( no one looks in there ever, not ever), they are they for you, in abundance!

One of the great advantages to being afflicted with Knitting POCS is experienced when you are fed up with a project, throw it into the wall and everyone flees the room fearing a needle lands in a sensitive location. You are able to go to one of your project way stations and start knitting again! And if you ever just get the urge to work on something new, something fresh, something different you have a cache from which to choose. Those 4 project at a time knitters are missing out, when they get the urge at 11 pm on a saturday night they are stuck for two days working on some of that old kitchen cotton. I once had a customer tell me it was comforting to know that there is always a project for her to work on in the wings if she ever got bored or frustrated with the one she was knitting. I liked her thinking then, still do.

So if anyone every gives you a hard time about all your unfinished projects, and we know that is usually family members and friends who do not knit, or those 4 project at a time knitters, tell them "you see, I have a condition, it's called Knitting POCS". Tell them to look it up, that'll keep them busy and out of yours!

Wishing you all the "JOY" of knitting, any way you may find it.


Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013