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We received a box with 16 gorgeous skeins of light green cashmere. I had no recollection of what the plan was for this yarn. I called the rep hoping he might remember why I bought 16 of this one color of pricey ($50/skein) yarn, hoping he would remember a conversation we had several months ago while buying for spring in the shop. Well, lucky me, his response "was it green and cashmere?" He explained that I'd seen a photo in the previews for the Classic Elite spring patterns and thought it would be a beautiful sample to make for the shop as well as a gorgeous knit my 22 year old daughter. He continued that if I was so in love with the pattern and yarn, surely once I knit it up, one of our customers would "have" to make it also. We ordered 16 skeins. Mystery solved.

Fast forward a few of days, our new Classic Elite pattern books arrive and while we were oohing and aahing I saw an adorable sweater and exclaimed "Emily, this is so cute, you have to make it. When Emily finally got to that book and pattern, she politely informed me that this was the sweater for the mystery yarn! I know what she really wanted to say is, "you idiot, this is the
pattern for the yarn you've been fussing about for days"!! Yarn is wound, swatch knit, and 228 stitches cast on. Love at first sight, sure. Love at first sight twice, absolutely!!

Written by (Shabby Sheep) — March 20, 2013