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Hand Spun by Lexi Boeger

New Spins on Traditional Techniques

In her newest book, Hand Spun, art-yarn pioneer and Pluckyfluff creator Lexi Boeger offers yet another exciting collection of new and innovative spinning techniques. This well-rounded book also covers a handful of traditional styles for the spinner to master and then turn on their ear. The many uses of these beautiful one-of-a-kind yarns are demonstrated in Boeger's trademark, surprising, and inventive projects.

Learn the basics of fiber prep, from washing raw fleece to carding techniques.
Find out how to adapt basic spinning styles to create cutting-edge forms.
Be inspired by a stunning gallery of hand-spun yarns that combine various techniques shown in the book.
Get complete instructions for 20 fashion-forward, yet accessible, projects including chunky scarves, fabulous hats, a belt, a rug, boas, and more.

ISBN-13: 978-1592537624

160 pages