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Sock Egg Kit/75 grams of Colorful Sock Yarn!

If you'd like to try knitting or crochet patterns that call for left over sock yarn but don't knit socks, you need our Sock Egg Crates!

We've packaged up hand wound premium sock yarns in a variety of colors (solid, semi-solid, handpaint, patterned or self striping) and mix it all up to give you random, riot and excitement!

Each kits comes with six little sock eggs totaling 75 grams/crate. Many scrap or stash sock yarn patterns call for 150 grams, so pick up two and you're ready to go.

For added convenience and tidyness the little egg crate is clear, cradles your sock eggs and has a channel to corral your purdy eggs while knitting, no wild and unruly ends or tangles to mess with.

The crate is also refillable, just order a refill of 6 more sock yarns and plop 'um into your crate and you're ready to begin a new project.

We can't tell you exactly how much yardage each crate has, but you can count on over 300 yards, far more than your average sock hank!